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2010connect-OUR VISION

Expand our international knowledge and service base for the benefit of our customers. Seek new and innovative solutions that offer sleek affordable communications on new networks. Enhancing service to subscribers that grow new business  opportunities for our customers and industry investors



For a global perspective of innovative and inclusive communication solutions by our international consultants. 

We specialise in new business development for investors and clients. Let us offer your business new revenue through communication 

technology enabling.


2010 connect offer turn key IP communication platforms across all forms of legacy and LTE equipment. 


Hybrid integration solutions and satellite services to business and NGO's.


MVNO bundled services and enterprise management suites. 

@ ​LIVE international
     Development Group
  • Strategy & Organization

  • Corporate Development

  • Globalization

  • ​Operations Management

  • ​Investor Centric Initiatives

  • ​IT Management

  • ​Enterprise Solutions

  • ​Strategic Planning

  • ​White Label Platforming

  • ​Digital Media Enabling

  • Carrier Network Access



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UK Fax +44-705-380-6295

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