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Looking to stay one step ahead of your competitors? Want to bring your new technology to market quickly?

Need to increase your revenue by creating a 'killer-product'?


Can we help;

2010connect is a leading technology and innovation company. With partners ready to solve technical problems and provide creative and practical solutions to developing business and investor opportunities.



R&D product range development for the Satcom business and the Telco industry.


We provide:

Global TV/Radio Broadcast via our Satellite and Teleport partners.

Wimax (Mobile) Internet via our ISP regional partners

Global Business Communication packages

Corporate/NGO, Governmental systems

Telephony and Hybrid Mobile Services

Corporate Build Ups

Network backing.

South American, Middle Eastern, and European entities give us access to global IP core providers. Our methodology of working with local companies in each region as joint venture partner or as project developers allows greater roll out capabilities and incorporating local knowledge necessary for service delivery. Asian and Indian television interests form part of our core business for revenue shared content. In the last year we have worked with a number of TV companies world wide with the aim of rolling out their broadcast delivery in strategic regions of their choosing with hybrid services using a mix of legacy and LTE enabled networks. These are development horizon initiatives that we look for when testing our business model for partnership investment. We continue to roll out or network service agreements to build top down premium products.


2010connect network profiles.

We host transponder access across our general service hot spots in the Southern hemisphere from sub Saharan Africa to New Zealand. All our services are in essence tried and tested methods before we adopt them---where we succeed is to supply a product and service at prices that make sense to allow content delivery to our customers at a sensible cost but yet progressive in the technical spectrum.

Project partnering: Interested?

The 2010connect GLOBAL TEAM actively invest in communication and  strategic development of premium services for network operators.We welcome project partners looking for an exciting and dynamic developer group to grow with. 2010connect enables you as a project partner to participate directly within three of the world’s development hot spots via communication businesses. If interested in becoming involved in this growth area please call the Irish Office to start discussions UK/Europe Africa India Asia Latin America

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